Natural Materials

Here you will get to know the pieces I make using Natural Materials such as plant roots, mushroom mycelium and mushrooms as a primary material. Utilizing Reishi, Trametes Versicolor, and various Oyster mushrooms, these creations challenge conventional materials and compositions.

By cultivating living materials through various substrates and recycling materials from our everyday lives, I’m pushing the boundaries of traditional art mediums. Mushrooms, being natural decomposers, possess a remarkable versatility that’s ideal for exploring the properties of living mycelium.

Through this exploration, I aim to research and develop innovative ideas with a clear focus on social and environmental issues. By harnessing the remarkable potential of living mycelium, I’m creating art that not only challenges our perceptions of what art can be but also helps to address vital issues affecting our society and environment. With my artwork, I hope to inspire and encourage others to rethink traditional art mediums and embrace a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to creativity.